A young man waving bamboo basket in the operational area

The Ashram’s initial task was to get acquainted with the people of the area and their situation and then introduce the developmental reforms. The Ashram encouraged people to resist exploitation, and, for this, it initiated activities in the fields of education, health, agriculture and forest-based village industries on a small scale. Another task that Ashram faced with was of protection of interests of local labour at Rihand dam construction site and later of helping the persons displaced as a result of the inundation of villages in the area of Pant Sagar. The area again faced a severe famine in the year 1966. This called for a change in the approach and the Ashram got involved in problem-oriented research and action for reducing the severity of drought and famine, making people self-reliant in their basic needs and managing their daily living.

The plan of action, the ‘Agrindus’ scheme, introduced in the year 1967-68 was oriented to agriculture and related industrial development. Later the action plan was made more comprehensive and health and education were incorporated in it. Many more dimensions got added to it later, in the context of the problems faced by the people of the area.